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How it Works

DMEMANUAL has been designed to consist of 6 independent chapters. Each chapter contains a series of questions that must be answered online.

The six chapters are as follows:

  • Administration
  • Personnel Organization
  • Information Management
  • Provision of Care
  • Safety and Risk Management
  • Performance Improvement

Once you have completed the questions in each chapter, policies can be viewed online or are immediately downloadable in a Microsoft Word document or PDF file. You can further modify the manual and upload and track multiple versions on our site.

Forms Library

DMEMANUAL has an extensive Forms Library that works with your policies. Just as your policies can be customized, so too can all of the available forms. Download the forms to Word, edit them, and then upload custom versions. Not only can you edit our forms and upload them, you can completely replace them with any form you already have developed. You can upload any custom form, change its properties and content and it will be immediately updated in your manual. DMEMANUAL customizes itself to your business, it does not force you to customize your business to generic policies and procedures.

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