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DMEMANUAL - Policies Made Simple

DMEMANUAL is the easiest and most comprehensive way to create a policy and procedure manual. Designed by the creators of DMETRAIN, DMEMANUAL builds a completely customized policy manual that meets your needs and also tracks accrediting standards. Through our simple crosswalks, you'll be able to quickly find the policies that are designed to match your accrediting organization's standards.

Don't be fooled by pretenders. DMEMANUAL is the only policy manual generator that builds your policies in real-time and tracks every accrediting standard.


DMEMANUAL integrates with DMETRAIN, the industry's most widely used employee training and tracking system. The policies adapt to your DMETRAIN settings and courses.


DMEMANUAL subscribers receive the following benefits:

  • Policies that completely customize to what your organization provides.
  • Policies that adjust immediately when your information changes.
  • Policies written in conversational language and NOT a large bulleted outline.
  • Policies that will always be up-to-date and exceed accrediting standards.
  • Policies you can view immediately after you answer chapter questions.
  • Policies that integrate with the DMETRAIN employee training system.
  • Simplified policies that are easy to read and are not duplicated or bloated.
  • The ability to upload your modified manual in MS Word and track versions.
  • The ability to use our forms or upload your own.
  • Corporate Compliance Plan is included and not an add-on.
  • Drag and drop patient record order module.
  • Online organization chart builder.
  • Built-in data aggregation and analysis for your organization.
  • Pricing is not contingent on how many locations your organization has.
  • Pricing that starts at $995.
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